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Pink Flamingos Go Missing!



Lawn-flamingo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi All!

BRRRRR! Cold enough for ya? Need someting to read while you stay inside hiding from the winter? Here is a short story I wrote that was inspired by something I read in the local police log last year, when a resident called to report several of his lawn flamingos were missing from his front lawn. Heavens! Will people stop at nothing? I wrote this story then and have been saving it for just the right day… which is today, low of 2, high of 18 in my area.  And my son STILL wore shorts to school…but he tucked a pair of pants in his bag , just in case his old mom was right. (Quebec, Canada was having a warning that with wind chills, temperatures may reach -35. Minus!) Enjoy and stay warm!

Curious Case of Medfield’s Missing Flamingos (The true story)

Medfield Police received a call about pink flamingos being taken “one-by-one” from resident’s yard.

A caller from Granite Street told the Medfield Police Department that five of the person’s six lawn flamingos had been taken and the individual feared the one remaining flamingo would be taken from the yard later that night, according to Medfield Police.

The individual said there were four “baby pink flamingos,” a “mother pink flamingo” and a “wooden” flamingo in the front yard and “one-by-one,” the flamingos went missing, according to police reports. Police were asked to make extra patrols in the area.

Medfield Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. said they “did not hear anymore about” the incident and it was unknown if the lone remaining flamingo had been taken.

“On occasion we have had various pieces of lawn ornaments taken,” Meaney said. “Sometimes they are gone for good and other times we’ll end up with an entire herd of deer collected in someone’s yard.

Here is my version of what must have happened.

Pink Flamingos Go Missing

Ten plastic pink flamingos huddled together on a cold New England lawn,

When One gave a shiver and said, “Enough of this place, I say it’s time we are gone!”

Number Two nodded, “But where will we go?”

Number Three answered, “Who cares! Any place with no snow!”

Number Four yelled, “Yes, but we must leave quickly before the next storm!”

Number Five cheered, “I vote for some place that’s really, really warm!”

Number Six dreamed aloud, “Finally… our turn to play!

To bask in the sun, on a beach…ahhh, all day.”

Seven cried out, “We will wear yellow polka dot bikinis and get a great tan!”

And Eight added in, “And build big, wonderful castles right there in the sand!”

Nine turned to Ten and said, “A vacation really sounds great but we best leave now, before it’s too late”

But Ten just stood there, slowly shaking her pink, plastic head.

“Now listen my friends, listen to me.” She finally said.

“Don’t be silly. We can’t just fly away.

We make this place warmer on a cold frosty day.

The people here…well, they need us to make things bright and fun,

we can’t just up and leave them for a few days in the sun,

their lives will be cold and dark and why they might even cry,

as they search for their missing pink birds in the grey winter sky.”

The nine birds all nodded, for they knew Ten was right.

But One turned to Two and quietly whispered,

“Pack your bags. We leave tomorrow night.”