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Zoku is not a gym class

Okay I know this is not a product review blog but I just wanted to share with you three new gadgets that I LOVE!! (Given my recent dismal foray into the world of expressing my housekeeping opinions on Facebook, you may or may not want to follow my advice here.) And just so you know my sister actually laughed at me for purchasing two of these items, and I swear I heard her snickering as she drove away after I told her about the third. I won’t tell you which sister, she knows who she is…

(These items are mainly geared towards families with school age children, so if you do not want to continue reading that‘s fine, just quietly click on the “Like” button before you go on your way… )

The first is my new ultra fast popsicle maker I got this summer. I got mine at William Sonoma but I know you can find it other places. This Zoku pop maker is fantastic! It makes ice pops in under 10 minutes so no more sitting around all day with the kids asking you when the pops are going to be done. Just make sure you follow the easy directions, and don’t fill the containers to high or you’ll never get the suckers out.  There is a book to go along with it, and other pieces you can purchase to make fancy-pants popsicles…I don’t do this.

My only complaint is I wish the unit were bigger. You can only make three pops at a time. If you are listening, Zoku, I need at least five. Thanks.

The second item is a new hairbrush called a Knot Genie. I found this on Zulilly but you can go to knotgenie.com and purchase one. I don’t know how they do it, but this brush is unbelievable! It is like magic! My youngest daughter has had this unforgiving knot on the back of her head since infancy.  I have conditioned, sprayed, brushed and combed… all to no avail. (She now has full-blown PTSD and runs whenever she sees a brush.) This creepy, messy, snarky, behind-the head hair monster always comes right back, which is sort of weird because the rest of her hair is straight and silky.

Okay, I have to sneak in one short story here.  My son Teddy heard me talking about Eliza’s “snarl” one day and he started to laugh.

“Stop it Mom!”

“Stop what?” I said

“Stop saying, “snarl.”  That is not a word. You just made it up.”

“No I didn’t!”

“Yes you did! Snarl! It sounds like some sort of monster or troll from one of your stories.”

(This kid is good! JK Rowling has nothing on this imagination! )

So then I had to look it up…maybe I was making up this word… but no, I found it right there in the dictionary.

Snarled: tangled, confused, jumbled.

Yup, sounds like the back of Eliza’s head alright (and the inside of mine).

Anyway, the Knot Genie is excellent! Defeats the snarls, gets out the knots and wins the Quidditch match!

The last thing is my new Packit Lunchboxes (packit.com).  What a fantastic idea, finally!!  These lunch boxes come with essentially three ice packs sewn into the sides on the lunch box. Your kid’s food stays cooler and fresher. When it is empty it folds down flat. At the end of the day, wipe them down and stick them in the freezer for tomorrow! Wah-la!

One small change they should consider however is to put a small zippered pocket on the front so you could stick some milk money in there. (But not evil chocolate milk because that is banned in Massachusetts!) I am sure that will be next year’s model so I can buy some more, oh and it needs some Disney Princesses sprinkled over the front.

And finally, I did just purchase the most amazing slow cooker at my favorite William Sonoma the other day, the Cuisinart Multi Cooker. This thing browns, sautés, roasts, steams and slow cooks, all in one pot, so your pot roast will taste fantastic… I haven’t actually taken it out of the box yet, ( To tell you the truth it sort of scares me) but I have high hopes. I will let you know how it goes. And clean up is a snap it probably only takes a half a paper towel to clean up any spills! (That’s for my Facebook friends!)

Any products you use that you would like to share? I am always looking to spend my money on something for my sister to laugh at!