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Readers Digest Contest. http://apps.facebook.com/yourlifecontest/node/2182

Hey Guys! Readers Digest is having a contest titled, Your Life, The Reader’s Digest Version.  You have to write  a little blurb about a moment in  your life in 150 words or less.  I entered a few pieces and one made it to Editor’s Picks! Which is sort of exciting for me! If you could go to the site on your facebook page, and vote for my story that would be great!  Thanks so much for all your support and friendship. It really means a lot. Anne


If you highlight this address, right-click, go to the site and go to Editor’s Picks, you should see my entry (Sunday Car Ride, Anne Sawan). A copy of it is below. Thanks again!

“Sunday Car Ride”

I remember a hot, crowded, wood-paneled station wagon. The windows cranked all the way down to let in a desperately needed cool breeze. No car seats or seat belts, just kids piled together. Legs jumbled upon arms, across stomachs. A lucky few in the way back, facing out, making faces at the cars behind us. Bologna sandwiches, lemonade, mixed with the smell of diesel. Mom and Dad in the front. The AM radio playing the Bruins-Canadians  game. The newspaper spread across Mom’s lap, her black hair tucked neatly back. A few bags of just-picked apples from the orchard safely stashed between the seats, promises of apple pie, cake, and muffins. Dad pulling off suddenly to a roadside ice cream stand, “Who wants a cone? Only chocolate or vanilla, none of those fancy flavors.” Bodies unwinding. Heads poking up. Doors opened, we tumbled out. That is what I remember.
…And here’s another. Not an Editor’s Pick (yet), but I like it just the same. Vote for this too if you want !

“Middle School”

I remember watching Creature Double Feature on Saturday mornings, making Ken and Barbie kiss in the dream house, and piling as many pink and blue babies as we could into the plastic cars in the game of LIFE. I remember making chocolate fudge in your mother’s kitchen, sleeping bags zipped together down the basement, staying up all night as we listened to the Monkees, sneaking to watch Love American Style, whispering about all the cute boys we were going to date until your dad hollered, “Go to sleep, for Christ Sake!” I remember giggling over our first bras and crying together when we got our first periods. I remember going to Woolworths to buy bubblegum flavored Bonnie Bell lip-gloss, and the sweet smell of the Love’s Baby Soft we would spray on our wrists. I remember the hollow feeling in my stomach when you left me for new, better friends.